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Head to any paddock in MotoGP, WorldSBK, MotoAmerica or CCS / WERA, and note the main similarity between all motorcycles— everyone is using a set of tire warmers. It’s easy to understand that motorcycle tire warmers are an essential component for performance. The reason for MOTO-D tire warmers in racing is simple: heating the tire before entering the grid equates to maximum traction on the opening lap and extending the life motorcycle racing tires by reducing heat cycles. 


Race-ready MOTO-D “Pro-Series” Dual Temp Tire Warmers have a toggle switch that provides two heat settings: 

> Level "L" (Low/Warm for Maintaining Heat, 140°F / 60°C) < 

> Level "H" (Hot for Heat Soak, 185°F / 85°C) <


Handcrafted by MOTO-D Racing, the “Pro-Series” Dual Temperature Tire Warmers and Single Temperature Tire Warmers feature Carbon Wire Technology and a Thermal Foil Liner, which heats up faster than the less efficient copper wire found in other tire warmer manufacturers. Unlike soft copper wiring, which becomes brittle when hot and quickly deteriorates, MOTO-D’s carbon wiring can be twisted and crushed without failure. The use of Carbon Wire technology aids in saving energy (and gas in generators) by only using 750 - 800 watts per pair. Neoprene Side Skirts ensure even motorcycle rim heating and quick penetration of the tire making MOTO-D the best motorcycle tire warmers. 

> 2-Year USA Warranty included, if they fail due to a manufacturing defect we repair or replace at our discretion, MOTO-D performs all service and tire warmer repair in house* <


MOTO-D Dual Temperature Tire Warmers Feature: 

  • Handcrafted Quality
  • Neoprene Side Skirts
  • Crush-Proof Carbon Wire Technology
  • Level I Temperature Heat to 140°F (Maintain)
  • Level II Temperature Heat to 185°F (Heat Soak)
  • Thermal Foil Liner: 750 - 800/watts per set
  • Super Bright Red LED Indicator
  • Rubber Velcro Pull Tab
  • Usable with All compounds of Motorcycle Track/Race tires
  • Includes Zippered Carrying Case
  • Two-Year USA Warranty*
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