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Pirelli Angel GT Rear Tire

Pirelli Angel GT Rear Tire

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The longest-lasting Sport Touring tire: 100% Italian Gran Turismo.

  • The ideal tire for travelers using the bike for long road trips, with side bags and passenger, looking for safety on wet, stability and mileage.
  • Extended Mileage Sport (EMS) - The evolution of the Angel ST, stretching the concept of Sport Touring into Gran Turismo, bringing the sporty attitude to a wider range of usage conditions and for longer distances.
  • Now with Pirelli's bi-compound technology.
  • The new reference for mileage in sport touring tires.
  • Excellent performance and grip in wet conditions.
  • Incredible handling capabilities, typical of the Pirelli DNA.
  • Performance consistency until the end of tire's life.

Tire technologies:

  • Bi-compound: Differentiated behavior of the tire for extra mileage and excellent grip on wet surfaces.
  • Innovative profile: Uniform contact patch area for improved wear regularity and extended mileage.
  • Evolved tread pattern: Efficient water dispersal provides a confidence-inspiring feeling on wet surfaces.

Tire Specifications:

  • Load / speed rating: (69W).
  • Construction: Radial.
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