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Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 Corsa Front Tire

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 Corsa Front Tire

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The Fiercer Version of Diablo Rosso IV.

  • Structures:
    • DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA features the same innovative structures of DIABLO ROSSO IV.
    • Pirelli stiff chord technology: The stiffer chords feature a lower end-count and leave wide room for the compound, enhancing tire conformability and contact feeling with the road. This allows full control even when pushing hard.
    • Tuned pretension ratio between the 0 chords and the plies: The differentiated structural stiffness across the profile delivers outstanding riding experience.
  • Contours:
    • DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA features the same innovative contours of DIABLO ROSSO IV, derived from Pirelli experience in the World Superbike Championship.
    • The multi-radius sharp contours deliver an immediate transition from lean to upright and a quick change in direction, whilst a flatter shoulder portion provides high grip and line holding while cornering.
    • The front tire profile enhances handling, inviting the rider to lean in earlier and facilitating quick changes in direction. The wide contour provides outstanding stability thanks to the extended contact patch area when leaning. The rear tire follows the same scheme and a similar geometry of the front to ensure a synchronized behavior of the set.
  • Compounds:
    • Dual compound layout with wide soft shoulders for both front and rear tires.
    • The harder full-silica central layer fulfills high speed stability and abrasion resistance. The side softer layer is enabled over 25 lean and delivers extra grip and a brilliant contact feeling. It is made of full-silica with high melting point resins.
  • Tread Pattern:
    • DIABLO ROSSO IV CORSA tread pattern is the slicker version of DIABLO ROSSO IV, developed to provide increased grip thanks to the maximized contact patch.
    • Centre grooves are a slicker evolution of the Pirelli patented FLASH groove. The FLASH is designed to deliver directional stability, ensure wear regularity and favor water drainage when speeds increase. The central slick portion in the FLASH provides additional constructive stiffness which helps the tire to deliver consistent performance over multiple severe riding sessions.
    • The reduced amount of lateral grooves results in more rubber to the road at mid-lean, increased tire solidity and higher lateral thrust while cornering. The large slick shoulder area provides outstanding cornering support at extreme lean angles.
  • Benefit and Performance:
    • Slicker tread in combination with new compounds delivers higher grip in dry conditions.
    • Enhanced hard handling thanks to stiff chord technology in combination with new compound layout.
    • New tread design with solid evolution of Pirelli patented FLASH groove combined with new compound layout ensures consistent performance over multiple severe riding sessions.

Tire Specifications:

  • Load / Speed index: 54W.
  • Construction: Radial.
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